ATNC Network Letter to Honda Motors Co., Ltd. CEO, Mr. Takanobu Ito


Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

President & CEO

Mr. Takanobu Ito

Dear Mr. Ito,

We have received information about the strike by workers at the Honda Auto Parts Manufacturing Co. in Foshan, China. We are informed that of more than 1,800 employees in the factory, 80 percent are student interns from technical schools, who are not protected by the labor law and whose wages are as low as 900 Yuan per month – below the minimum wage for the city. The interns are provided with only one meal a day and are charged for the cost of utilities connected with their lodging, reducing their earnings to only around 700 Yuan per month. Even after interns become regular employees, their wages are only 1,000 Yuan per month.

The workers went on strike to demand increased wages, yet during the negotiations the management has not shown good faith. The management has begun to force the interns to sign a “no more strikes” promise and has even mobilized some of the interns’ teachers and local government officials to exert pressure on the interns to go back to work on May 31. Throughout the process, the Honda official trade union has not provided any assistance for the striking workers, but urged them to resume production as soon as possible without regard for the resolution of the workers’ grievances and demands.


On May 31, your company in China continued to refuse negotiations. What is more, the local government together with the trade union, went to each team of workers and threatened with dismissal if they didn’t go back to work immediately. The worker representatives’ complained to us that about 200 men wearing union badges, attacked some 40 workers who insisted on continuing the strike. The assault led to multiple injuries and bleeding. We are shocked and outraged to learn that during the attack China Honda management did nothing to stop the assault on workers. We severely condemn such illegal acts of violence and Honda owes an apology to their workers.

You yourself reported in April 2010 that last year Honda’s sales achieved an all-time record of 580,000 units in China, the world’s largest automobile market. The workers of the factory are never able to afford one of the cars, which they are helping to produce by making auto parts. As the producing workers, they have a right to bargain for a greater share in the profits of the firm, and as management of a company originating in Japan, the management should respect the workers’ rights to free association and collective bargaining. The management should not shame itself by threatening and dismissing workers when they justly demand a greater share of the huge profits reaped by the company.

Rather, we hope that Honda management will lead the way in showing ‘harmonious relations’ with its workers, and we join the striking workers of Honda Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in demanding the following:

  1. Take responsibility for failing to ensure the workers’ safety by allowing the union men to attack the workers on May 31 which resulted in casualty, and paying for their medical treatment and recovery.
  2. Accept workers’ demands for higher wages: a wage increase of 800 Yuan per month for all workers and a compensation subsidy of 100 Yuan for each additional year of service.
  3. Reorganization of the Honda company union – organize a re-election of the trade union chairman and officers so that workers may elect representatives who act in accordance with their interests.
  4. Reinstate the dismissed employees and impose no punishment for workers who joined the strikes.
  5. No retaliation against workers after the settlement of dispute.






May Wong, Globalization Monitor, Director 

Doris Lee, Asia Monitor Resource Centre

ATNC Monitoring Network, Coordinator

On behalf of:

Globalization Monitor, Hong Kong

Asia Monitor Resource Centre, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions, Hong Kong

Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior, Hong Kong

Justice and Peace Commission of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese, Hong Kong

Cambodian Tourism and Service Workers Federation (CTSWF), Cambodia

Persatuan Sahabat Wanita Selangor, Malaysia

Workers Assistance Center, Inc., Philippines

Solidarity of Cavite Workers, Philippines

National Coalition for the Protection of Workers’ Rights – Southern Tagalog, Philippines

Labor Education Advocacy Development and Services and Research Institute, Philippines

Committee for Asian Women, Thailand

KASBI – Congress of Indonesia Unions Alliance, Indonesia

Focus on the Global South, Thailand


ATNC Monitoring Network

China Labour Net, Hong Kong


June 1, 2010

One comment

  • April 20, 2012

    Honda is lying to their customer’s right under US government’s nose

    Today I spoke with Honda customer service rep (800-999-1009) informing me that I was “the 1st” to notify Honda of 2006 Honda car paintjob flaking.

    Being rated as 1st I was eager to search the internet, and many complaints of this type were posted. Understanding the aggravation of establishing an account and password just to complain about something Honda refuses to acknowledge by phone, and having two assistants and one supervisor tell me word for word that those websites were not Honda sponsored indicates Honda’s customer assistance has been schooled to deny there is a known by Honda manufacturing defect.

    One Honda assistant informed me of and then gov. made my heart sink, I knew I would get the run-a-round big time; including you…we all know what a failure gov. really is! Government is for government and big business and not for the consumer.

    $368 monthly payments owing $2899.67 and $102 monthly insurance. Honda is a rip-off and so is the toothless government when it comes to US consumers. And if you can not or will not help this consumer, then please do-not add insult to injury by giving me a lame excuse; It is a huge insult to be forced to pay people like you and government in general to have this government selling us out; deny it and read the news; watch on TV; and search the internet.

    Can you imagine me being the 1st? Approximately a year ago took this car to have sun visor replaced (another manufacturing defect) and was informed there was no one available at the time of my out of town trip to Patton Honda to look at my paint job. This car top and top surface of trunk, spoiler and other top surfaces looks like leprosy.

    Where was government when the people had to go it without government support and to file class-action legal suits against Bill Heard having over 500 complaints about being a shyster like Honda?

    When government fails you will be out of a job and good riddance you deadbeat bums, you parasites on our wallets.

    This is another cover-up right under your nose. Conduct an Internet search and see the complaints of Honda’s manufacturing defective paint jobs…Honda does these cover-ups knowing how lame government employees are!


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