Demand Prada SpA to account for its alleged sexual discrimination

Demand Prada SpA to publicly account for its alleged sexual discrimination and unfair dismissal of staff in Prada Japan

Recently it has been reported that your company is alleged of sexual discrimination, harassment and unfair dismissal at Prada Japan. Allegations also included illegal accounting based on forced purchases by store staff at Prada Japan.

As labour and women rights concern groups advocating labour justice and gender equality, we are shocked and very concerned about your company’s alleged labour maltreatment and discriminatory practices against women employees. As reported in the media, the plaintiff of the case Rina Bovrisse and other former Prada employees filed a labour lawsuit with the Tokyo District Court in 2009, demanding compensation for her emotional distress and complaining your company of unfair demotion and forcing her to take involuntary leave. Hitherto, the case is still unresolved and is in legal proceedings.

In January this year, the Action Center for Working Women in Japan and Fashion Industry Union in Japan brought Ms. Bovrisse and other former Prada employees cases to our attention.

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