Punish the offenders of sexual harassment and reinstate Ms. Park.

We were shocked to hear the news that a woman worker has been holding a sit-in struggle for
more than 150 days asking for the punishment of those offenders who sexually harassed her and
reinstatement of her. We can’t understand why she was unfairly dismissed, despite being a victim
of sexual harassment. And we are deeply concerned that this case has a bad effect on the women
workers’ rights in Korea.

Many of women workers are sexually harassed at the work places. But it calls for great courage
to expose their problem. Especially, it is even harder for those women workers who working at a
subcontractor because of their precarious employment. So if a woman worker reveals her problem,
the company has to protect her and solve the problem immediately. But Ms. Park was dismissed just
because she made her suffering known to her colleagues. Another shocking fact is that the offender
is still working at the same factory. We know that the National Human Rights Commission judged
her case definitely constituted a sexual harassment and urged the employer and offenders should
compensate her for damage. If they keep avoiding their responsibility, Hyundai Motor has to punish
them and reinstate Ms. Park, using its position as a prime contractor. But we came across a report that
Hyundai Motor distributed an official paper to condemn her not to save her.

We regret that Ms. Park has no choice but to keep her sit-in in front of the Ministry of Gender
Equality and Family, because the ministries and companies who should take the responsibility do not
come on her side, avoiding their responsibility.

We urge them as below
To Hyundai Motors

-Apologize to her for secondary harassment, by mentioning and condemning her privacy.
-Punish offenders and reinstate Ms. Park to her work.
To Hyungjin Company
-Punish offenders and reinstate Ms. Park immediately.
To the Ministry of Employment and Labor and the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
-Demand strongly to Hyundai Motors to take an action and solve this problem promptly.
-Take preventive and counter measures for women workers not to be unfairly dismissed on the
account of exposing sexual harassment.

-WGNRR (Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights)
-Asian Pacific Workers Solidarity Links
-Nodutdol for Korean Community Development
-Sahgnnoksoo (Seattle, Washington)
-Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment-GABRIELA USA
-New Socialist Initiative India
-Center for Workers Education
-Women Workers Lead
-Stree Mukti Sangathan, India
-EILER, Ecumenical Institute for Labor Education and Research
-Workers Assistance Center
-GEFONT, General Federation of Nepalese Trade Unions
-Qingdao Workers Hotline

-Labour Action China
-AMRC, Asian Monitor Resource Center
-ATNC, Asian TNC Monitoring Network
-National Free Trade Union
-Thai Labour Campaign
-Serve the People Association
-Anisur Rahman Khan
-Change to Win
-SIPAM (Salud Intergral para la Mujer)

-Leonor Aída, REDGE (Red Genero y Economia)

-New Socialist Initiative India, Bonojit Hussain
-Irma Bajar, Chairperson, Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment-GABRIELA USA
-Precy Dagooc, General Secretary, MAKABAYAN
-Samantha Joo
-Christian Kar l
-Michal Paulos
-Elise youn
-Suk jong Hong, Mi shi Cho
-Diane Ferrus


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