Vote for Samsung to be the winner of Public Eye Awards

Samsung has been nominated for the Public Eye Awards by Supporters for the Health and Right of People in the Semiconductor Industry,
At least 140 work-related cases of cancer, including at least 50 deaths. Outrageously, Samsung denies the illness of the workers are work-related and refuse to compensate the victims.
High-tech gadgets built on the backs of workers: South Korea’s richest conglomerate uses banned and highly-toxic substances in its factories, without informing and/or protecting its workers. As a result at least 140 workers were diagnosed with cancer, of which at least 50 young workers have died. Despite clear evidence, Samsung denies its responsibility and publicly discredits the sick and deceased, as well as their relatives. Samsung has a history of over 50 years of environmental pollution, trade union repression, corruption and tax flight. Samsung’s power in South Korea is so great that many citizens speak of the “Samsung Republic.”
End of January 2012 the winners will be presented their shameful awards in an international media conference in Davos. The organizations who nominated the winners will present their cases at that media conference in Davos.

Please vote for Samsung before 26th January. ,to make its name printed in the Hall of Shame




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