Support for the striking workers in Indonesia

The petition letter will go to the following target:

Mr. Akhio Isuzuka
Owner of PT. NBC Indonesia
Head-Office Japan 2-50-3 Toyoda Hino – Tokyo 191-0053 Japan


Support the Striking workers of NBC in Indonesia

19 March 2012. Workers of NBC Indonesia, members of worker Union of PT NBC Indonesia held on strike. They are worker union that affiliated to the Federation of People Workers Union, West Java and nationally affiliated to the National Union Confederation (KSN).

The strike held in the location of factory due to the rejection from the management to conduct negotiation with the union related to the demand on wages for the workers. The workers demand the company to pay their wage together with the years-of-service appreciation (gratuity) for those who have been working in the factory since 15 years ago. The Union demand the company to pay Rp. 17. 500 (US$ 1.90) for every year of service of the workers. Today, the strike has been started and the management has refused to continue the negotiation. Beside demand on wages, workers also witness some accumullation on problems, e.g.: uncertain employment status (contract-based with no limit of time), no menstruation leave, transportation allowance, etc.

It was also triggered by the fact that the President Director, Mr. Khosi Watanabe has been acting arrogantly toward the workers by showing disrespectful treatment. As an expatriate, Watanabe has shown negative attitude / misbehaviour toward culture, tadition, and labour law in Indonesia. Though demand on proper wage is the main demand of the workers, the arrogance shown by Watanabe has also triggered the strike.

NBC Indonesia, is a Japanese Company located in the Industrial Area of KIIC Karawang, Indonesia and produce screen mesh for screen printing of electronic PCB and filter of automotive. Therefore, KSN calls for support and petition to help the strike held by the workers of NBC Indonesia. Detailed information related to the NBC can also be accessed through their web site :

In Solidarity,

Khamid Istakhori

Secretary-General of National Union Confederation (KSN), Indoneisa

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