ADIDAS: Compensate all victims and workers who suffer occupational diseases

Sign this petition to support Chinese workers getting the compensation from Adidas



 Second letter

Vestad, Hilde Gunn,,

Rita GonÇalvesEmail:,

Moritz Scherr Email:


Subject:  Support HAV affected workers’ demands and Urge Adidas for improvement.


Dear Madam/Sir,

We welcome the news that Adidas is actively following up the issues identified at Dynamic but there are still outstanding issues not yet been resolved at Dynamic. For examples:

  1. Dynamic decided to shutdown next year. It does not reply workers’ queries about its shutdown or downsizing plan but keep terminating workers’ contracts, including those HAVS and potentially HAVS workers.
  2. Dynamic outsourced the polishing and grinding production to a new subcontractor who only hired 23 out of the 35 workers whose contracts were terminated. These workers complained that Dynamic made them admit that they had “no occupational disease” even though some got similar HAVS symptoms in their medical reports.
  3. Dynamic does not send workers receiving the “Notice of Acceptance of Diagnosis of Occupational Diseases” to Guangdong Treatment andPreventionHospitalfor diagnosis.
  4. Today, 27out of 81 HAVS workers are still waiting for compensation.


All the malpractices at Dynamic make us believe that Dynamic try to use various strategies to shrink its responsibilities on workers. We urge Adidas to help settle the outstanding cases at Dynamic in a speedy manner.


We strongly support the workers’ demands and continue to monitor Adidas/Taylor Made taking immediate actions to resolve the following critical issues:

  1. Stop Dynamic using excuses to dismiss the workers with HAVS and potential HAVS and start dialogue with workers.
  2. Send the 35 workers to be diagnosed, particularly for those who had received “Notice of Acceptance of Diagnosis of Occupational Diseases” from Guangdong Treatment andPreventionHospital for diagnosis.
  3. Make sure those who work for the new subcontractor are working under safe and healthy environment.
  4. No workers will be unfairly treated due to Dynamic’s shutdown.
  5. Make sure Dynamic’s closure follow the China laws and Adidas’ Guidelines on Handling Redundancy Layoffs.


Yours sincerely,

[your name]



Moritz Scherr

Vestad, Hilde Gunn
Adidas Sourcing Ltd

Adidas Group – Adidas Sourcing


Concerning 69 Dynamic Casting (Guangzhou) workers suffering from Hand-Arm Vibration diseases

Dear Adidas Group,

We are writing to express our concern about Taylor Made-Adidas supplier, Dynamic Casting (Guangzhou), responsibility for at least 69 workers suffering from Hand-Arm Vibration Disease.

The report published by Globalization Monitor on 25th September 2012, lists several violations about HAV workers at Dynamic Casting and TaylorMade-Adidas has failed to take appropriate measures to stop the occurrence of occupational hazards at Dynamic Casting even one year after the first patch of HAV workers was identified.

Hand-Arm Vibration disease is caused by long term improper use of vibration units or by using substandard vibration units. According to Adidas Health and Safety Guidelines, Adidas makes audits of its suppliers every year. It is very strange that Adidas cannot identify the hazardous factors that exist at Dynamic Casting.

We are aware of Adidas’s stated willingness to improve working conditions at its supplier factories. However, we are concerned that workers’ demands have not been met yet. Thus we urge:

1. Adidas make sure all affected workers with HAV receive immediately comprehensive medical examination and compensation demanded by workers.
2. Adidas set up an Occupational Hazards Victim Fund immediately to compensate all victims with HAV.
3. Adidas launch a full and immediate investigation on tracking the full number of workers affected by HAV diseases along supply chain in China.


[your name]

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