Statement of the fact-finding team on the Kentex Factory Fire [Philippines]

Seventy-two (72) workers, many of whom were women, were burned to death and 20 more are still missing in the biggest factory fire that hit the Philippines – the fire that gutted the factory of Kentex Manufacturing Incorporated last May 13, 2015.  

The tragedy was caused by several violations that include:

  • Mishandling of the chemical Super Seal, which is used as a rubber emulsifier. 
  • Absence of proper labeling and awareness of the nature of the said chemical. 
  • Absence of proper smoke and fire alarm and apparent absence of fire and safety drill among the workers. 
  • Absence of fire exits. 

We demand:

  • Justice for Kentex workers and other victims of OHS Standards violations!
  • Strict Enforcement of Occupational Health and Safety Standards, not Joint Assessment or Self-Regulations!
  • Hold DOLE accountable for the Kentex Tragedy!
  • Penalize and criminalize the violators of Occupational Health and Safety Standards!
  • End impunity of OHS violations in the Philippines!
  • Repeal DO 131-13! Pass Workers SHIELD!
  • Struggle against Contractualization! Workers fight for Wages, Jobs and Rights!

Institute for Occupational Health and Safety Development
Center for Trade Union and Human Rights
Ecumenical Institute for Labor Education and Research
Kilusang Mayo Uno


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