Stop causing more karoshi with zero overtime pay, people protest against labor deregulations [Japan]

Nearly 2,500 people joined a rally on May 14 in Tokyo to speak against labor deregulations under Abe government that is feared to increase more karoshi. Unionists from across Japan and across different confederations of Japans labor unions–Rengo, Zenroren and Zenrokyoexpressed their concerns and anger over the dispatch law, which is expected to create more casual workers, and lifting eight-hour work restrictions. Deregulating labor standards law and overtime work restrictions is a backward move, TERANISHI Shoko, whose husband committed suicide over 4,000 hours of work a year, spoke. I want the government to aim for zero karoshi rather than zero overtime pay so as never to see another family like us saddened by a loss of family members.


See on Scoop.itAsian Labour Update

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