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No to oil palm plantations in the Philippines!

We gather here today to register the following calls:

End corporate-driven land grabbing! 
Uphold the people’s right to food, no to land use and crop conversion! 
Respect indigenous people’s right to a self-determined development! 
Respect labor rights, uphold workers’ right to organize unions and collective bargaining inside oil palm plantations and oil mills! 
Stop human rights violations, pull out military troops from oil-palm operation-affected communities! 
Ban hazardous chemicals and pesticide, uphold people’s right to health and a safe environment! 
Genuine agrarian reform and national industrialization, now!


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[Malaysia] Workers have right to protest, says MTUC

Union busting has led to the lack of recognition of trade unions by employers, leading to a controlled and unjust working system, said the Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC).

Secretary-general N Gopal Kishnam said there were instances where employers had denied workers’ their rights by having one-on-one negotiations with union members.


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Protest Statement to Malaysian Authority against the Arrests of the Activists

We strongly condemn the arrests of activists and protesters who took part in the May Day Rally in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There are at least 29 people being arrested, including Arutchelvan (Secretary-General of Socialist Party of Malaysia), Ambiga Sreenevasan (Former President of Malaysian Bar Council), and Anthony Loke (Seremban’s Member of Parliament). 

We believe that the arrests are politically motivated and intended to silence the opposition against the newly introduced policy on regressive Goods and Services Tax (GST) in the country.

We urge the government of Malaysia to:
– Release all May Day protesters immediately and unconditionally.
– Stop the crackdown against the activist and the right to freedom of assembly.
– Suspend the implementation of the GST.

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