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Stop the Repression & Do Justice with the People affected by Land acquisition

To: The Chief Minister

Government of Orissa, Bhubaneswar, India

Subject: Regarding the JSPL’s repression of the people affected by land acquisition


Dear Sir,

People from 40 villages affected by land acquisition for Jindal Thermal Power India Limited (JTPIL) were peacefully demonstrating since November 2011 near Kaliakata gate of the steel plant in Angul for their demands like fulfilling the promise of providing jobs and proper rehabilitation. Rather than fulfilling their demands, the company started repression of the people in order to end their demonstration.

On Jan 25, 2012 security guards of the JSPL suddenly launched a full-fledged attack on them causing serious injuries to about 200 villagers including 50 women and one three year old child. It is also alleged that the police also participated in this repression of the people along with security guards of the company. It is a pity that even after such an incident of repression of the people by a corporate, the state machinery is not taking any action against the company. It is sad that state machinery has become so insensitive that it is not even ensuring the proper treatment to the injured.

We strongly condemn this attempt of unleashing repression on people’s movement fighting for Just demands. We condemn the JSPL’ attempts of silencing the people rather than fulfilling their demands. We condemn the attempts of police and other government officials directed to silence the people rather than ensuring them justice.

We demand:

  1. Immediately provide proper medical treatment to all injured people and adequate compensation
  2. Register the criminal case against those directly and indirectly involved in the repression including JSPL officials, police and other Government officials, and arrest them
  3. The company must be compelled to fulfill the demands of the people without any delay, including: a) Job Cards to each of the affected families, b) Compensation of Rs 300000 to the people above the age of 60yrs and those handicapped, c) Restriction on plying of heavy vehicles on the road connecting Kaniha and Ghantianali, d) ensuring unrestricted water supply to villagers e) other resettlement measures and periphery development etc.

Contact person:

Amulya  Kumar Nayak

Odissa Shramjivi Union, Talcher

Mobile: 9861409290



Co-Signed by:

  1. Asia Monitor Resource Centre, Hong Kong
  2. Centre for Workers Education
  3. Coastal Development Partnership (CDP), Bangladesh
  4. Cordillera Peoples Alliance, Philippines
Online petition: 


Protest against the Repression of the People by Jindal Steel and Power India Limited/Jindal Thermal Power India Limited



People from 40 villages affected by land acquisition for Jindal Steel and Power India Limited (JSPL) were peacefully demonstrating since November 2011 near Kaliakata gate of the steel plant in Angul for their demands like fulfilling the promise of providing jobs and proper rehabilitation. They were not ready to end their demonstration unless their demands were met. Rather than fulfilling their demands, the company lastly started repression of the people in order to end their demonstration. On Jan 25, 2012 security guards of the JSPL suddenly launched a full-fledged attack on them causing injuries to about 400 villagers with serious injuries to about 90 people with majority of them women and one three year old child.  It is a pity that even after such a repression of the people by a corporate, the state machinery is maintains its inhuman silence. It is not even ensuring the proper treatment to the injured, what to hope about taking action against the company. Till date, the injured people are lying in the verandah of the Angul district hospital and are not receiving proper treatment.


We appeal to the international community that in the name of justice and humanity to take proactive action on this issue, send protest letters to the district authorities, state government of Orissa, Central government of India and relevant international forums to stop the repression of the people who have already lost their livelihoods and are not only denied any alternative livelihood but also safety of their life.


The Issues behind the Conflict

Talcher-Angul-Meramandali area of Angul and Dhenkanal districts of Odisha has been already declared by the Central Pollution Control Board as  the 7th critically polluted industrial zone of India due to a large number of coal mines ,coal power plants, almunium smelter and steel industries operating here. Projects of many more companies are in pipeline to setup more coal mines and industries in Angul and Dhenkanal districts of Odisha. Thousands of acres of agricultural lands including forest and water sources have been destroyed by the companies by way of land acquisitions and also by way of pollution. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their livelihoods and habitations. On the other hand, the companies are not fulfilling their promises of proper rehabilitation by way of providing fair compensation of land, jobs and development of infrastructural facilities for the people. The companies are using repression to suppress the voice of the people demanding for their rights.


Jindal Steel & Power Ltd.(JSPL) of Navin Jindal, a Rajya Sabha M.P (member of parliament) has acquired 6400 acres land  of village Nisha, Jarada, Bada Kerejeng, Sana Kerejeng, Sana Jamunda, Jamunda Jangal, Kaliakta,Ramadiha, Paripara, Dudhiabeda, Golagadia, Sakasinga, Manapur, Mahitoila, Raijharan, Tangarsahi etc. in Banarpal and Chhendipada block of Angul district. More than 100000 people (25,000 families) of 40 villages (including about 20% Tribals and Dalits) have been affected/ displaced by the project. The company had assured to provide permanent job, skill development training, compensatory allowance to the unemployed and old age persons, proper resettlement and rehabilitation and other periphery development facilities. The construction work on the project site started since 2006, the company did not offer any secure job to the affected people. The company was paying Rs.2700 per head to about 3000 affected persons as a supporting allowance. But after completion of boundary wall of the company, all of a sudden the company stopped the allowance payment; water supply that was provided by the company to affected villages was also stopped; and similarly the other facilities provided by the company were also stopped. The people approached to the company officials and district administration and continuously pursued for three months requesting them to resume the allowance payment, water supply and other facilities, but their demands were not met. Therefore, with no hope from any where, they organized themselves under the banner of Birankeswar Silpanchal Kshyatigrast Prajasangh, Angul and started demonstrations at the company gate since November 2011.


In the meantime they continued to approach the company authorities Angul district administration and state government officials. On January 19, 2012 the people of Kaliakata village (fully displaced) came to the company office to put forward their grievances. But the security guards of the company misbehaved with them and kicked a pregnant woman. It was after this incident, that large number of people from 40 affected villages organized a big demonstration at the company gate and stopped the construction work of the project.


On Jan 24, 2012, the company and concerned government officials came to the demonstration place and promised to conduct a joint meeting at Bada Kerejeng Birankeswar temple to resolve the problems. But they did not appear for the meeting. Therefore to get a new date for the meeting, people decided to meet the company authorities next day.


On January 25, 2012 about one thousand women and men of the affected villages were present at the demonstration at Subarnpur gate of the company. They wanted to meet the company authorities. The company security guards and police force from Nisha Silpanchal Police Station, and some other government officials were present there. They opened the gate and allowed the people to go inside. The women were in front and few men were accompanying them. They were moving towards the company office peacefully, but all of a sudden the company security guards launched a full-fledged attack on them. They spared no one. Women, men and children all were brutally beaten by security guards. They tiered away the clothes of the women and kick them by boots. It is alleged that the police also participated in this repression along with security guards. About 400 people including women were injured, and 94 people received serious injuries with majority of them women. The police or the company did not extend any helping hand to injured. The activists took them to the Angul hospital. Seriously injured people were later transferred to the Hospitals in Cuttack and Bhubaneswar. Seriously injured included Manjit Sahu a 3 year old child, many women including Basanti Pradhan, Ratani pradhan, Santilata Behera, Lalita Pradhan, Upasi Pradhan, Tara pradhan, Lily Biswal, Ahalya Pradhan, Yashoda sahoo, Hema Pradhan, Bari Sahoo, Sukanti Pradhan, Mini Rout, Binodini Roul etc, and men including Dara Sethi, Nilamani Dhal, Nisha behera, Sudhakar sahoo, Soubhagya behera, Birendra Sing, Amar Sahoo etc.


For more information please contact the following:

Amulya  Kumar Nayak

Odissa Shramjivi Union, Talcher

Mobile: 9861409290



Also see the photos of the victims (attached)


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Vote for Samsung to be the winner of Public Eye Awards

Samsung has been nominated for the Public Eye Awards by Supporters for the Health and Right of People in the Semiconductor Industry,
At least 140 work-related cases of cancer, including at least 50 deaths. Outrageously, Samsung denies the illness of the workers are work-related and refuse to compensate the victims.
High-tech gadgets built on the backs of workers: South Korea’s richest conglomerate uses banned and highly-toxic substances in its factories, without informing and/or protecting its workers. As a result at least 140 workers were diagnosed with cancer, of which at least 50 young workers have died. Despite clear evidence, Samsung denies its responsibility and publicly discredits the sick and deceased, as well as their relatives. Samsung has a history of over 50 years of environmental pollution, trade union repression, corruption and tax flight. Samsung’s power in South Korea is so great that many citizens speak of the “Samsung Republic.”
End of January 2012 the winners will be presented their shameful awards in an international media conference in Davos. The organizations who nominated the winners will present their cases at that media conference in Davos.

Please vote for Samsung before 26th January. ,to make its name printed in the Hall of Shame




Free Somyot and other political prisoners in Thailand!!!

Respect workers Rights!!! Respect People’s rights to speak!!! Democracy in Thailand Now!!!

On the 30th April of this year Somyot Pruksakasemsuk, a journalist and labour activist, was arrested. He is facing up to 15 years in prison under the law of Lese Majeste. A person can be charged under Lese Majeste if accused of defaming, insulting or threatening the royal family. These laws have been used by the present Thai government, headed by Abhisit Vejjajiva, to crack down on dissent and protest activities. This repression is targeted at labour and human right activists, journalists and supporters of democracy in the country. There are currently hundreds of Thai activists detained under these laws. Many others are in exile overseas.

Release Somyot and all other political prisoners in Thailand!

Drop the charges against all activists imprisoned or in exile!

Revoke the LeseMajeste law and other repressive legislations!


ATNC Joint Day of Action – Hong Kong protest at Korean and Philippines Consulates

Today in Hong Kong we conducted the ATNC Joint Day of Action against trade union repression in Asia – focusing on the South Korean Consulate and the Philippines Consulate.

In the South Korean Consulate where we went first, the Consulate office was shut down, security gate pulled down…but Consul-General Jun came out to listen to us. We spoke about the shame of an ILO and OECD member so systematic robbing workers of trade union rights, including stopping workers from forming unions, regarding press conferences as illegal, mass arrests and disciplinary measures against legitimate unions and strikes, such as by the Korean Teachers Union.

We condemned Samsung Corporation as one of the worst, with its ‘no-union policy’. We demanded justice and compensation for the victims of Samsung semiconductor factories who died or are ill from working at Samsung. We demanded justice for the dead leukemia victims like Hwang Yu-mi, who died at the young age of only 22 years, after working at Samsung just two years, cleaning wafers at Samsung Semiconductor.


We also condemned the Korean government for its inhumane crackdown on migrant workers in Korea. Furthermore the Korean Consulate in Hong Kong also shows disregard for migrant rights in Hong Kong – when Hong Kong people travel to Korea with their domestic workers, the Korean Consulate sends them a LETTER which says that it is ‘strongly recommended’ to HOLD the passport of the domestic worker to prevent becoming an undocumented migrant worker in Korea. This is illegal in Hong Kong yet the Korean Consulate itself issues letters to advise people to do so.

Consul-General Jun listened to us from the beginning and received our letter and said he would convey our message to his government and try to protect workers’ rights including migrant rights.

At the Philippines Consulate, we received a much less diplomatic reception. Through the police escort, the Consulate repeatedly tried to make us meet their representative at a location far from the Consulate.

Finally we went up but the Philippine Consulate was also shut down – door closed, security gates pulled down. We were told the Consul General Claro Cristobal was not present then, and nobody would come to receive our letter if we stayed. However we stayed to let all those who were there, about the extrajudicial killings, the use of ‘assumption of jurisidiction’ to justify use of police and military against workers simply trying to defend their rights or to strike….We expressed our strong solidarity with the workers of Nestle and Toyota, who have been striking so many years to demand their legal rights to collective bargaining and recognition – our sorrow for the two dead union leaders of Nestle who had been killed and our outrage.

Dolores Balladares of Asian Migrant Coordinating Body also spoke in Tagalog to the Filiipina migrant workers present, expressing that we all were assembled to show solidarity with Filipino workers, and that the Phlippines government was doing nothing while workers of Nestle and Toyota and many other workplaces are being threatened, beaten and even killed. She further condemned the Consulate for closing down and stopping services to migrant Filipina workers, simply to stop us from having our chance to raise our legitimate grievances!

Finally one staff came and collected our letter to pass to the Consul-General.

The groups who joined included: Asia Monitor Resource Centre, HK Confederation of Trade Unions, Globalization Monitor, Asian Migrant Coordinating Body, International League of People’s Struggles, Asian Students Assocation, Asian Human Rights Commission, Interfaith Coooperation Forum, and Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants. About 25 of us were there…


THANKS to everyone…. and we hope this is the beginning of further solidarity and cooperation among all concerned groups and individuals until workers in Asia are free to unite for their share in decision-making in the economy and workplace, without being repressed and attacked!


Solidarity to workers in South Korea! To those struggling against union-busting Samsung!
Solidarity to workers in Philippines! To the persevering workers at Nestle, Toyota and many other workplaces!
Solidarity to all workers in Asia – we will keep building up our voices and our strength!

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