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Toyota workers organized strike to protest the illegal dismissal. Photo: TMPCWA

We the workers of Toyota Philippines under the Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation Workers Association (TMPCWA) are continuing our fight for more than 17 years massive illegal dismissal made by Toyota to some 233 + 4 members of our union.


Toyota’s inhumane and arrogant action in terminating the members of the union was because they do not want the establishment of any genuine union inside their factory and because they were greedy guarding the huge profit that they are enjoying in numerous years that were provided by their workers.


Our more than 17 years’ struggle has resulted in several victories including numerous ILO Recommendations. Unfortunately, Toyota keeps on discounting all of them because Toyota believes they are more powerful than any other laws. Toyota assumes (or considers) that they can simply escape from all of their accountabilities to the illegally dismissed workers because they are very powerful. No matter how powerful Toyota is, the TMPCWA will continue to carry the struggle and will fight until we get the victory that we deserve.


We judge that our situation in Toyota Philippines is similar to the situation of the workers in Nanbu (Supply Chain of Toyota), as well as in DAIHATSU workers in Indonesia. We suffered from discrimination against the union and union busting by Toyota which prohibits our legitimate rights as workers. We do trust that this policy has originated in Toyota Japan and we also believe that Toyota Japan must act regarding this matter.


The massive offensive against the workers’ lives and livelihoods is not permissible. We must not license the inhuman actions of Toyota against their workers in all subsidiaries in all countries.  We must fight and struggle as one. We have to rise up together and pinpoint our struggle directly to Toyota Japan and AKIO Toyoda as the mastermind of all of Toyota’s policies in all countries. Let the whole world knows about our struggle and let Toyota pay expensively for all their crimes to their workers.






Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation

Workers Association (TMPCWA)

September 6, 2018


Support Toyota Workers’ Freedom of Association – 12 September 2007

ATNC campaign statement in support of freedom of association regarding Toyota on the global action day, 12 September 2007.


Mr. Katsuaki Watanabe, President
Toyota Motor Corporation
1 Toyota-Cho, Toyota City
Aichi Prefecture 471-8571
e-mail: katsuaki.watanabe@mail.toyota.co.jp
Fax: +81-565-23-1230

Dear Mr. President

Six years have passed since 233 union members were illegally dismissed by Toyota
Philippines. In these years, the Supreme Court of the Philippines has ordered Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation to collectively negotiate with the legitimate Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation Workers Association (TMPCWA). There were also several recommendations issued by the International Labor Organization (ILO) urging Toyota to reinstate the illegally dismissed workers. Nevertheless, Toyota still refuses reinstate the illegally dismissed workers and recognise the trade union.

[Your organisation name] urges Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation to stop such an anti-labour practice immediately. We are also urging Toyota Motor Corporation, who has been deeply involved in such unfair labour practices committed by Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation, to respect workers rights and laws in Philippines. Toyota Motor Corporation can never be exempted from its responsibility for all the anti-labour practices done by Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation. Indeed, we are well aware of same practices in many different countries where subsidies of Toyota Motors Corporation abuse workers rights. [Your organisation name] demands

  1. Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Motor Philippines must stop union busting against TMPCWA
  2. Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Motor Philippines must comply with the order of the Supreme Court of the Philippines for collective negotiation with TMPCWA
  3. Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Motor Philippines must reinstate the 233 illegally dismissed workers immediately
  4. Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Motor Philippines must abide by the recommendations of ILO

We are also informing this case to international and regional labour campaign groups, in an attempt to gather voices from all labour related organisations and unions. Most importantly, we will be standing together with TMPCWA, whose actions for the dignity of labour has been inspiring many unionists and labour rights activists in Asia and elsewhere in the world.

10 September 2007
[Your organisation name]